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Load Testing on the Cloud: Tips & Tricks to Consider

Load Testing on the Cloud: Tips & Tricks to Consider
While the importance of load testing for websites, software products and applications have been established and realized by organizations, load testing on the cloud still involves contradictory ideas. 

Organizations have a lot of questions like what would be the appropriate time to involve cloud while load testing or how cloud load testing can be beneficial and so on. 

In this article, let’s answer these questions and understand how website load testing services on the cloud work along with some essential tips on making it successful.

Cloud Allows Realistic Load Testing

A website or a mobile app that has gone through cloud-based performance or load testing has a touch of realism to it. This is because the cloud network paves the way for a geographical distribution of simulated users representing the real-world users. 

Unlimited scaling of load generators and easy testing of the entire delivery chain becomes possible too. 

In on-site testing, such capabilities are hard to acquire. At the same time, cloud saves a lot of time and costs. The requirement of an administrative team, as in on-site load testing, is not there in the cloud. The overall infrastructure, too, is much improved.

The Importance of On-Premise Load Testing is Not To Be Ignored

On-premise load testing has its distinct advantages too. For instance, it is better suited for determining baseline performance. In fact, it is the responsibility of the users to determine when to use the cloud infrastructure and when to go for the on-premise set up.

Cloud Load Testing: Things to Do

To help understand things better and make the right use of load testing on the cloud, here is a list of important do’s:

• Distribute the load generators geographically to understand the exact location of the site users. This makes the tests more realistic and gives deeper insights into the performance limitations of the web applications.
• Separate the load generators from the application.
• Maximize the benefits of cloud in places and situations where it works best. The cloud network is best-suited for running complex tests with multiple transactions.
• Maintain a central dashboard for the testing activities because keeping a track of all the running tests is crucial. All the tests should be coordinated through a centralized platform.
• Use multiple cloud vendors in order to be able to implement the unique characteristic of each of them.
• Integrate mobile testing and ensure that the generators are using mobile emulators and exercising those parts of the app that are ideal for the small screen. It is essential that only the right information gets translated from the right device while testing.
• Analyze the various effects of the network variances and bandwidths. Maximizing the Cloud
Testing Capabilities

These above-mentioned guidelines should make ‘getting started’ with cloud load testing much easier. Go for a service-provider that offers maximum flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. 

Monitoring performance in real time as well as ensuring that your applications are meeting minimum performance levels will, thereby, get much easier.

Quickly identify the root cause of any issue with automated reports and analytics tools. This range of capabilities provides you with the opportunity to utilize the cloud for load and performance testing
in a way that truly suits and benefits your company.

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