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How to Make Your Websites Marketing-Friendly

How to Make Your Websites Marketing-Friendly
Although, websites have been there for decades, they still need your major attention and focus when you create them. If you make them in the right manner, they can serve as a great marketing platform for your business, as well as the reliable medium to communicate with your customers. The reason why you website needs attention, and the purpose of this post is, despite of understanding the effectiveness of online presence, most of the business still don’t make their presence count. 

For years and years, we have seen so many things that proved to be nightmares for business:
  • Poor site architecture
  • Inconsistent lead generation 
  •  Improper form implementations 
  • Haphazard cross-domain funnels
So, here are some valuable tips from Canada search engine marketing company, to help you deploy a new website that can get you ROI beyond expectations.

Use a CMS
You may be aware of content management systems (CMS). Have you considered the quality of CMS implemented on your site? There is a long list of benefits of CMS but the most prominent of them has been the efficiency of publishing and controlling of the content. You’ll know what type of content is published, who is publishing it and what the authority level is.
Coming to the development side, if you have a resource that’s smart enough to self-upgrade, or at least informs you of the available updates, have a space for ad-ins and plugins, that would be more than sufficient for any website. This capability automatically benefits to the marketing of the website.

So, a CMS should have following characteristics:
  • Open source code that allows you to easily understand how to customize the code
  • If it’s developed in-house, everyone in the organization should be familiar with it
Implement Effective Tag Management
It enables marketers to implement tag changes all by themselves. This affords them the control they require and reduce the number of code changes needed to facilitate tracking code adjustment. But, tag management isn’t the solution of site architecture or non-standardized code. You need strong coordination with the development team, especially during the initial installation, as well as during the setup of core tracking features.

Functionality Should be Standardized
Standardize functionality is vitally important for lead flow and conversion funnels. If your website offers newsletter signup option, but the signup option is different on every page and it may possibly be storing the same information on multiple locations, then there is a lack of standardized function on your website. In this situation, your website needs a standardize function to track and collect the data from the customers.

Each newsletter signup form should have the same coding. This means, one solution should be enough to track information across the whole website.

When you use AJAX to handle forms, shared global functions should be used wherever possible. This is to consolidate implementation and modification of tracking scripts across all forms on the site. In addition to using shared global functions, also use common css class designation for streamlined hooking into target elements.

Document Lead Flows
If you have one storage place for data, it will create efficient communication flow across all departments. Remember, every path to lead as well as conversion must be documented, because:
  • You have to retain a holistic view of marketing paths 
  • You need to endure that tracking data is all-inclusive.
Simple document that outlines several different ways in which your users flow through lead funnels is all what is needed in the present scenario. If you have a variety of landing pages, develop them in a manner that creates shared variables in the URL path. This is to ensure you define dynamic tracking rules.
Some more tips
  •  Utilize sub folders on a single domain instead of subdomains for easy optimization. 
  • Integrate social sharing on the website and connect it to organization’s communication channel. 
  • Video tracking is critical these days. Videos are a great way to showcase the attributes of an organization. 
  • Explore ways to make your website easy to navigate for the customers.

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