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10 Social Media Manager Questions You Should Be Prepared for

10 Social Media Manager Questions You Should Be Prepared for
If you’re looking for a social media manager position, you need to be smart, informative, analytical and decision maker, because businesses tend to take this job a lot more seriously than before. The reason why social media managers have become so important is, business owners tend to have limited knowledge about social media and internet, so they need a person who can single-handedly take control and execute their social campaigns.
Here are some common, yet very important question you need to be prepared for. These questions have been gathered from some of the top search engine marketing companies in Canada.
So through the questions and prepare yourself in the lights of the interview tips given below under each question.
1. How many social platforms you have worked on so far, or have experienced with?
Interviewer tip: Make sure the platforms your business is active on, must be relevant for the business of the person asking this question.
2. Tell me about the first 3 things you start with as a social media manager, when you get into your account in the morning?
Interviewer tip: The interviewee must have a habit of checking content shares, notifications, brand mentions, comments and other engagements across the social platforms where his business is located.
3. What according to you are the best tools for measuring social media, tracking and posting?
Interviewer tip: The interviewee is interested in understanding your familiarity with different publishing tools. He would be more interested in learning how you tie your social media activity to his KPIs.
4. What is the role of social media for businesses in the present era?
Interviewer tip: Here, the interviewee want to see that the ideal candidate should elaborate that businesses have multiple objectives with social media activities. He would be keen to hear the names of one or two, because that might be his own business goals.
5. What would your next step be if you notice a drop in social activity on the business network?
Interviewer tip: The interviewee want to see how you would apply critical thinking and identify the factors leading to traffic drop. He wants you to come up with factual data.
6. What do you think about the place of social media marketing in the overall digital marketing mix?
Interviewer tip:This question seeks how you demonstrate the synergy between paid search marketing, organic search marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. You may want to add other things to it.
7. Do you have any example of facing a crisis situation and how did you mediate?
Interviewer tip: Here, your interview wants a real-world example that can be really beneficial for his business. To be an ideal candidate, you need to be a fantastic story teller, because it will get you some easy bonus points in your interview.
8. How frequently you respond to comments and how quick are you? What do you do to deal with negative comments?
Interviewer tip:This is an important question, because your philosophy needs to be aligned with the company’s and how it interacts with customers. The company may have its own process of responding to negative comments. So, do your research beforehand.
9. How do you measure and come to decide about the time investment on a particular social platform?
Interviewer tip:All social platforms are not equal, so the social media manager should figure out the audience of the brand and where to invest more.

10. How do you determine whether to invest your time in a new social platform?
Interviewer tip:This is critical. Mature businesses don’t jump to new platforms so often. You should ask questions regarding relevance and usefulness of new social platforms for the brand.

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