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Canon DSLR Cameras: Things need to know before buy

Canon DSLR Cameras: Things need to know before buy
A DSLR camera offers faster performance, more control over settings, and better image quality than top-of-the-line point-and-shoot cameras. They also allow you to freely choose the type of lens you want for better photography. Many DSLRs now feature preset shooting modes, friendly interfaces, helpful guides, and more compact designs. There are many types of DSLR cameras available in the market today, from DSLR-like and entry level DSLRs, to professional-level DSLRs that offer great features and versatility. So if you are planning to own a DSLR soon, take a look at the below mentioned points that will help you in buying the right device.

Here are some factors you should consider when looking for a DSLR camera

1. Budget: The budget needs to be determined first when it comes to a DSLR. The camera body might appear to be quite cheap, but a DSLR is never complete without the perfect lenses. Other additional charges might be incurred in the form of additional batteries, memory cards, filters, flash, pod and camera protection such as bags and cases. So everything needs to be considered before finally deciding on “the one”.
2. The megapixel myth: Lot of people stay under the illusion that a high megapixel count means better image quality. In reality though, a high megapixel count does not mean better image quality. However, it does give you more flexibility when an image taken by the device has to be cropped or needs to be enlarged. These days most cameras offer a resolution of at least 10 megapixels or more which can produce acceptable prints of up to 13-by-19 inches, though they may lose some detail. A higher megapixel count produces larger images which consumes a lot of space.

3. Sensor: Regardless of the megapixel count, a camera with a large sensor and better lens is normally capable of taking better shots. This is why DSLRs take such stunning photos.

4. Lens selection: If you are into all kinds of photography, then you will need different types of lens. In that case the kit lens provided along with the camera you are going to buy might not prove to be much worthy. So it will be advisable to buy the camera body-only and then invest in the lens you think will suit your purpose.
5. Image stabilization: In order to avoid your pictures from getting blurred, especially in low-light conditions, the shutter needs to stay open longer in order to create a good exposure. And the longer it stays open, the more susceptible your image is to the effects of camera shake or subject movement.
To solve these problems, many cameras and lenses include image-stabilization technology. There are different approaches to image stabilization, these include Optical Stabilization, Sensor Stabilization and Digital Stabilization.
6. Flash: The type of flash a camera has also plays a major role. DLSRs either have a built-in flash, or a hot shoe mount that lets you attach an external flash to the camera, and some cameras have both. If you are into casual photography, a built-in flash will be enough. But for an advanced photographer, an external flash should be a must as it will throw light wider and farther. They also help in reducing red-eye. Some external flashes even have rotating heads that let you bounce the light off of ceilings for a diffused, natural look. Finally, external flashes don't drain your camera's batteries, as they run on their own battery source.
The above features are absolutely essential and should be kept in mind while spending your precious bucks. Leaving aside these points, there are many other factors too, e.g. zooming capabilities, range etc., that should be considered depending on your requirements before finalizing your next DSLR. I recommend Canon DSLR camera for good performance, and better image quality.

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