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Top E-Commerce Trends around the World You Must Follow

Top E-Commerce Trends around the World You Must Follow
As we begin this year, we see a great future of global e-commerce market. The aggregate may seem favorable for marketers, whole sellers and content marketers, but when we look at geographical trends, the story isn’t all the same. Here’s a glance at the e-commerce trends around the world.

The United States - More Growth and More Expectations

In the United States, there’s a huge opportunity for e-marketers. According to eMarketer, soon retail transactions via mobile will touch 1 trillion mark. Mobile devices will have a massive share of 22% in all sales. The influence of mobile goes beyond sales.

Right now, buyers take a deep interest in checking availability of the products, researching the, and finding locations to purchase, all with the help of mobile devices. In fact, these tasks have become essential parts of online sales. The integration between virtual and physical world has been quite high in this part.

According to the survey conducted by eMarketer,
  • More than 80% consumers check availability via smartphones before they go to physical stores.
  • 50% buyers prefer to book stock or order a product online.
Canada’s e-Commerce Market

There’s nothing much of a difference between the e-commerce markets of Canada and the United States, except for key factors that make it stand out. Canada’s e-commerce market has been growing consistently at a staggering pace, with growth rate set at 17% a year, compared to 14% in the U.S and U.K.

E-Commerce penetration in Canada is also quite high reaching nearly 70% of the population by the end of 2015, as estimated by eMarketer. At the same time, this number is not going to increase in future.

With shoppers looking for flexibility in online transactions and an anticipated hault in the growth of online business, marketers need flawless SEO and SEM strategies. If you need these services, Webryze offers affordable search engine optimization services in Canada.

Mexico’s e-Commerce Market – Rapid Growth

e-Commerce market in Mexico has been growing significantly. The growth was 50% in 2013, followed by 32% and 30% in 2014 and 2015 respectively. However, the market accounts for just 1.5% of the aggregate retail market in the country. There are some noteworthy trends though.

A study by Comscore was based on the following:
  • What trends influence buyer’s decision to shop online in Mexico
  • How retailers can reduce cart abandonment.
There were two major factors; free shipping and more payment options.
  • 53% respondents said they bought more items to avail free shipping
  • 71% respondents mentioned they didn’t get the desired payment options and had abandoned the cart.
  • 70% respondents favored “no questions asked” policy of return
European Shoppers Look for Speed and Comparison Tools

Needless to say, e-Commerce has a great scope in Europe. There are some amazing facts about European e-commerce.
  • Amazingly, European online consumers are now 275% of what they were at the start of new millennia.
  • European online customers make up 25% of global customers.
  • Of all the online purchases across the web, UK has a massive share of 20% of all online sales.
  • Customers from UK and France prefer to compare products
  • Customers in Spain and Germany are more interested in fast checkout.
According to Comscore, of all European shoppers online:
  • 41% are likely to buy a product if the store offers online checkout and in-store pickup.
  • 52% say they would prefer to buy online and return to the physical store.
Therefore, you can see why so many brick and mortar businesses emerge in Europe and clothing stores top all of them.

High-Potential e-Commerce Market of Asia

APAC’s assessment would be daunting, so here’s a breakup of Asian market into China, Japan and India
  • In China, the trend of online purchase may have been on the slower side compared to its population, but considering 35% of the Chinese people (double the size of U.S digital market) making at least one digital purchase every year makes this market really attractive. 
  • In Japan, the penetration of smartphones should reach up to 70% by December 2016. But smartphone owners are not considering online retail as the basic factor of mobile sales. Japanese prefer to use traditional online options, with 90% making purchases using PCs, and only 23% Japanese online buyers said they used smartphones.
  • India also has a strong economy and a high potential for digital purchase. 9% of the population (82.3 million) is already buying online. 40% Indian shoppers used smartphones for shopping online, similar to China.

Things will be a lot easier when you have some idea about the consequences. With these trends unleashed, you can use them to good effect in making your internet marketing strategy for 2016.

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