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Privacy applications-basic features and functions

Privacy applications-basic features and functions
In this era of competition, it is important to protect his or her stuff, both at an individual level and at company level so that it doesn’t get into the competitor’s hands. With modernization, companies have started offering their employees smartphones and handheld computing devices, both of which are vulnerable to exploits allowing attacking of the data.

Features of privacy apps

However, to protect private and the company’s data, there are several Leo privacy guard applications published to prevent the access and lock data in order to prevent stealing. Such applications provide the below-mentioned features:
  1. Locks Other Applications
    One can use these applications to disable WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and other apps that contain vulnerable information.
     To limit access, one can apply passcode or pattern lock as a password. No one can open one’s locked apps without his or her permission or without entering the correct pattern or password.
     One is also able to customize the applications’ lock settings and set triggers for certain circumstances.
  2. Hide and Lock
    Often there are some messages that one doesn’t want to share or let other users view can be hidden or archived using such privacy applications.
     The privacy application provides an in-built vault in which one can hide his or her photos and videos.
  3. Network protector
    With a simple touch, one can detect all the devices using the Wi-Fi network. If there is any person who is trying to access the Wi-Fi network by uncertified means, the application will notify the owner with a message; and block the access unless he or she grants.
  4. Anti-Theft
    One can locate his or her phone using desktop or laptop, in case his or her mobile gets stolen.
    One can remotely lock his or her device remotely to prevent unauthorized access.
  5. Finding the thief
    One can set an intruder photo click feature to capture a selfie of the intruder, upon entering a number of wrong passwords.
    One can also set a timer to after which the photo will be taken.
  6. Boosts the phone
    The apps allow one to clean cache built into his or her device, thereby making his or her phone faster.

Privacy Guard applications are the go-to solutions used by many companies for protecting the data of their employees, and also on their servers. Leomaster Company also makes these applications available for computer platforms for protecting the servers containing the information. Privacy applications are also now being updated with firewalls that can prevent attacks through various means. In addition, virus definitions have also been encoded into the applications to prevent attacks through the means of viruses hidden inside files and malicious applications.

Therefore, it is always recommended to update such privacy applications to the latest versions published, as they come with new virus definitions and updated modules to prevent attacks on his or her personal data. Please note that these applications do not guarantee prevention against attack types developed but not known to the publishers of the applications. It is the duty of the mobile device user to install any such application, which prevents and safeguards his or her device against the vulnerability of their device.

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