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How To Clarify Top Concerns of SEO Clients

How To Clarify Top Concerns of SEO Clients
You can successfully close the deal with potential clients when you understand their concerns on SEO. Your experience and knowledge about the industry becomes vitally important to win a contract. But what if you don’t have significant experience?

Here are 8 of the most common questions clients asked to SEO service Canada.

Question 1: How can you ensure quality? How can you ensure success?

If you’re good enough to know what SEO is, you cannot guarantee any results in a certain period. The main reason is, SEO is unpredictable and you have to educate this to your client as well. Set your client’s expectation by giving him a clear idea about SEO. At the same time, you can begin with your hopes to achieve best results. Ask such questions about his company and industry that your client comes to know that you understand his objectives. You can do that by listening intensely and choosing appropriate tone of response.

Question 2: What SEO strategy will you have in mind? What kind of SEO tools do you use normally?

Clarify how your agency approaches SEO. You might come across clients who are not well-informed, or have been the victims of negative SEO services. Speak out facts and examples with authority as if you know this industry better than anyone. Don’t hesitate to disclose the tools you use normally and exclusively. If you have exclusive usage rights of any particular tool, don’t forget to emphasize its benefits.

Question 3: Do you know about custom content? Do you have it as a part of link building plan?

Customers are keen to know your content strategy. Don’t instantly say, “NO”, if your SEO agency does not create content. Highlight the importance of content and how it can benefit your client. For instance, you can mention link building strategy and its benefits. You can show how authoritative links create value for websites and conversion.

Show the examples of custom content you’ve worked on and highlight the results achieved. Bring into discussion different content formats and their importance for client’s business.

Question 4: What are your reporting tools and how good are they in terms of measuring success?

SEO consultants have their own metrics to gauge website performance and they’re confident on it. However, relating these metrics to particular business or product needs proper understanding. So, don’t rush. Take information about standard processes clients feel comfortable with. Try to make it as convenient for client as possible, to earn credibility. To measure success you can include Google Analytics and indicate targets you set for yourself.

Question 5: What modes of communication are you going to use, to keep me in loop?

It depends upon clients’ convenience. However, you may suggest weekly or monthly ROI call, and ask if they feel comfortable with this approach. Be upfront in setting meetings with client as they want someone committed and reliable.

Question 6: Can I see case studies?

This is important to promote your SEO. You must have past case studies that can actually get you a contract.  Case studies must be interactive, should have notes and visuals to indicate the problem, your solution and the results achieved. It can be in a presentation or video format as well. It will be much better if you come up with a case pertaining with your client’s niche.

Question 7: Can you provide contact information of existing or past clients, as references?

This should not be a problem. In fact, it’s a form of reputation management, a word-of-mouth marketing. You can add references on your SEO service website, but with approval from existing clients. You can provide links to your profiles on review sites where they can read reviews about you.

Question 8: Can you prove, your service best integrates with my marketing objectives?

Clients expect SEO services Canada to offer something closer to their digital marketing and online PR activities. Even if you don’t offer complete package, highlight where they integrate with client’s other marketing efforts. Clients may consider your knowledge about other marketing methods as a decisive factor.


After getting yourself a contract with the help of these tips, you have to prove your worth and do your best to meet your clients’ expectations.

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