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Android App Testing and its Techniques

Android App Testing and its Techniques

What is Android?
Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is primarily created for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It comes with additional access to some of Google’s own services like, Google Search, Hangout, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and many more. This allows users to explore on the web, watch videos, write emails, etc.

What can you do on Android?
Android phones are highly customizable and can be changed to adapt to specific needs and tastes. This is done through wallpapers, themes and launchers which can change the look of an interface completely. A very user-friendly operating system, Android allows easy downloads of applications like, Facebook, Twitter, Bank Accounts, Shopping Sites, Food Sites, etc.

It also assists in automatically backing-up the user’s contacts and syncing it with the Google Account in use. So, even if you lose your phone you can be rest assured that contact details and information will still remain stored. And, the next time you buy an Android phone and add your Google Account you will be able to get back all the information you thought you had lost with your phone.

How can you Download Apps on Android?
Downloading apps on Android is a very easy and simple process. All you need to do is use Google Play Store to do this. You can download almost everything that is available in the store. These include, camera apps, games, music players, social networking sites, e-books, etc. Most of these apps are free while some you will need to buy.

Android App Testing Techniques
Testing is a critical activity that is required to improve the quality of apps. Any defect, bug or error can be avoided by testing the apps with suitable tools. The Android app testing includes the following techniques of testing. 

·         Android JUnitRunner: This tool is a compatible test runner for Android.
·         Espresso: This tool has a UI testing framework and perfectly suitable for functional UI testing within an app.
·         UI Automator: This tool has a UI testing framework and perfectly suitable for cross-app functional UI testing across the system and installed apps.
·         Monkey: This tool is used to test developing applications in a random, yet repeated manner.

Android App Testing Features

The Android testing framework has the following key features:
·         Android Test Suites: Android test suites are based on JUnits. For new users starting with general-purpose test case classes would be the best choice before moving on to more sophisticated classes.
·         Test case classes: Test case classes are provided by Android JUnit extensions.
·         Test Packages: The test suites are contained in test packages similar to main application packages.
·         SDK tools: These tools help to build files, manifest them, and create directory structure for the test package.

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