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Quality custom cable assemblies producing process

Quality custom cable assemblies producing process
Production of cable assemblies requires the use of an adequate quality of materials and products to deliver the finished product. The process for producing actual cable assemblies plays an important factor in regard to the durability of the cable. The cable has to be able to be folded, stretched, and moved in a variety of directions and prevent rupture. If the cable is of poor quality and breaks, then all the custom cable assembly is useless.

It is common for many manufacturers to perform regular tests of their wire and related raw materials to verify that meet or exceed their guidelines and quality standards. The test is vital because it helps you avoid unnecessary costs later in the production of a set of standard and custom cables. For example, if you discover one of the cables does not pass the test requirements of quality for stress, you are able to deal with this problem now, either with your dealer or their own domestic production processes used to make threads.

On the other hand, if you could not perform the test and the power to produce the custom cable assembly is used, this issue was not discovered until later, when the customer wants to contact you about the problem. Now, not only you have to find and address their own internal affair supplier or manufacturing, but also make a withdrawal at all assemblies produced. Once the problem is corrected, you have to comply with the original order of his client. Each of these problems will only increase their total production costs and expenses. First, you have to lose every game of faulty wiring and amortized. Then you have to spend time and resources to discover potential sources of the problem. When you use different types of cabling, you have to spend time trying each. Finally, you have to pay all costs associated with the process and the manufacturer of the order of his client a second time.

In addition to testing the wiring and other raw materials to ensure they meet their specifications, current production processes used to manufacture a custom cable assembly does not determine its quality. Using hand tools and construction of each game by hand could easily result in the quality varies from one to another finished piece. When your employee starts his working day, quality is often much greater than the parts produced at the end of the workday. To solve this problem, some places using a semi-automated process in which the employee uses a machine to perform specific finishing processes. However, there may be problems with the quality, if the employee does not make sure that each piece is inserted in the correct length and in the right place. But for highly skilled and experienced workers, the quality can be maintained throughout the work day.

Another option to help produce the largest cable custom set of quality is the use of fully automated machines. These machines are able to produce faster than manual assembly process or semi-automatic. As a result, you are able to obtain higher production rates and meet customer orders faster. However, it is important that each automated machine is properly calibrated, the setting and style correctly before production begins. In addition, no employee using automated should be adequately trained in these processes machines.

The information was shared on behalf of Global Connector Technology (http://gct.co), is a leading supplier of standard and custom interconnect products.

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